was launched by me, Stewart Hunt. Sport and fitness has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember, from the early days at school, participating in athletics and then becoming involved in Lau Gar Kung Fu in my early teens. There was never a time when I wasn’t involved in some sort of activity.

I qualified as a personal trainer in 2000 and I was thrilled and privileged to be in a position to train and motivate people to reach their goals and to help change their lives.

As the years have passed the business has grown along with the equipment, so now I can train almost anyone for almost any set goal. I design programmes with constantly changing and varied routines, tailored to fit the individual’s ability, gender, body shape and age. The goals are very achievable encouraging ‘JungleFitters’ to get the very best results – plus it’s all about making it enjoyable and fun too.

In 2014 I came across the sport of mud runs and obstacle races, so between my busy family life and building my business, I started entering races, completed them successfully and loved every minute of it.

When I set up JungleFit I wanted to get people into shape, get them moving and to help them lead full and active lives. That will always be my number one goal, so why not get in touch and sign up for some life changing training. I look forward to welcoming you soon.


Fitness instructor

Senior level fitness instructor

Instructor in free weights

Level 3 personal trainer

Crossfit course

Nutritional management

Lau Gar Kung Fu instructor and 3rd degree black sash
– over 30 years experience.

Kick boxing and full contact fighting

Anatomy and physiology

Referee course – coaching level 1and 2

A knowledgeable interest in Chinese medicine

One final thought;
If it doesn’t challenge you, it sure as hell won’t change you.




To find out more and to book a session, contact Stewart on: 07772 630668




Extraordinary Training in Stratford upon Avon




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